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Default Re: Sabotage?

freeman wrote:
As TB says, everyone in authority has known for over a decade that New Orleans would not withstand a category five hurricane -- and they did nothing, with full knowledge of the strategic consequences and the disruption of the energy supply.
So all they needed was a big hurricane. If they have that potential, they may not even have needed to sabotage the levees, but knowing the Illuminati penchant for overkill, I would be surprised if that base wasn't covered as well.
It's just too convenient to be a real natural disaster. And the lack of response smells too curiously similar to Cheney's stand down orders during 9/11.

I understand the concept that the levee was built to withstand only a category 3 hurricane.

I'm not DENSE!!!!

I understand that everyone has been aware that the levee needed to be re-built, re-inforced, whatever, in order to withstand a stronger storm.

I get it!!

They didn't do it!! The money was cut from the budget!!

I'm not dense!!

However, Category 5's are not commonplace!!!

Yes, it's all very convenient. I agree!!

The government of the United State's of America abused me. I understand they cannot be trusted. I understand they have no allegiance to America or her people.

Only to themselves!!!
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