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Isn't Judeo-Christian an oxy-moron ?
A 'Judeo' is still waiting for a Messiah
A 'Christian' already had his Messiah

Anyway, what is so Christian or civilized about 1700 years of blood and gore, and penury and misery and slavery ?

In the Bible we may read that after entering into the promised land, Joshua (according to the instructions he received from Moses, who in turn received them from Yahweh) divided the land among the families. A portion to each family without charge, without morgage, rent, tax, to have and to hold and to live off.

Was there ever a Christian who advocated the following of this Biblical example ?

Was there ever a Christian who advocated the keeping of the Sabbath-year ?
The children of Jacob/Israel were shipped out to exile for whoredom and for not giving the land its due rest. If the Sabbath-year is that big a deal, perhaps it should at least be discussed.

Judeo-Christian civilization sounds good on paper, but in practice it is no different from the pagan civilization that existed before the day of Pentecost.
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