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Default Re: Must See Video - at N.O. Convention Center, Last night, Geraldo & Shepard Smith

I still expect something nuclear that will result in Russia retaliating against the U. S.
I personally believe ALL OUT nukes have been prepared for around 2011-12. Only if the world population is not cowed.

Bio will be their weapon of choice beginning with China and Asia in general. This has a real "fear factor" that will keep whitey under the Police State thumb over sudden and over with Nukes.

Still...a small nuke to be blamed on the usual suspects may be on the cards with a little more chaos.

My nose is twitching faster than Tabitha's...something more...soon.

A running series of events over one sudden one.

Civil War MUST be a priority in the U.S right now for the Globalists.

Keep an eye on the Middle East right now too.

For me the vital need is to portray the U.S as on it's knees and vulnerable...and naughty players like Iran "callously" played on this for...???? Then the U.S can be seen to have suffered a grievious blow that they could only respond with vi Iran.

Of course it's all up in the air and up for grabs.

Once the nuking starts Cheyney will be leader.
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