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Default Re: Why aren't they using the concentration camps?

freeman wrote:
Yet it still remains that no one has yet to be interred in these camps...and there is no definitive answer as to when they will be used.
Even Frtiz Springmeier was incarcerated within the existing federal prison system. One would think that he might constitute the highest security risk as a dangerous dissident who would need to be held incommunicado in one of these camps, just based on what he knows and can tell.
No illegal aliens in the camps, no political prisoners. For Christ's sake the damned Arab terrorist prisoners were airlifted all the way to Cuba when we had brand new prison facilities waiting for them right here in the Heartland...only one answer in my mind:
These camps are reserved for a very special group of prisoners. They will not be opened until some point in the near future when the move is made to round up all of these individuals.
Don't keep me hanging on!! What special group of individuals?

Those with information about THEM???
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