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Default Re: Must See Video - at N.O. Convention Center, Last night, Geraldo & Shepard Smith

freeman wrote:
Did you folks here Geraldo last nite ?

He says that " there are lessons to be learned

here ... and we should remember them for when

the nuclear attack hits us " ! ! !
That's interesting...Geraldo is a dramatizing dipshit, but he does have a big mouth. If someone let something slip to him, he just might pass it along.

What lessons??? and how will remembering them help us???


That the government of the United State's of America doesn't respond to the needs of the people and is a corrupt and criminal organization?

Is that what we're suppose to remember?

How is that going to help us??

The government is the entity that needs to learn from their mistakes. Not us!!!

They are our abusers.

We are at their mercy.

It's like domestic violence. They say they love America and her people, but kick us in the arse everyday.

We try to address them, but they intimidate, scold and chase us away.

We try to vote them out, but they fix the election and vote themselves in.

We try to speak out against them and we're considered unpatriotic.

I want a restraining order against all of them.
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