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Default Re: Why aren't they using the concentration camps?

freeman wrote:
Look, they said, if I spoke, I'd be the first to go!!

So, I'll see you there!!
Maybe, maybe not...are we really that important to them? As long as we don't challenge them directly, they write us off as tinfoil hat nutjobs -- and the sheeple buy into it. Then again, what if they are using us to help validate what they have planned on down the road?
Think Hitler, Stalin. Whom did they incarcerate and/or execute? Hint: Not long after their party's power was consolidated.
(Yawn) Well, getting about my bedtime...we'll have to continue this later.

I think it was a "scare tactic." Not that I truly believe it, but, of course, it left an imprint in the back of my mind.

Yeah, I'm just a tinfoil hat nutjob. Good for discrediting the rest of us.

How do we validate what they have planned on down the road.

I'll have to think about that and hitler, stalin tomorrow.

I just know that I slipped through the cracks for some reason and it was allowed.

Maybe not just one reason, but "there's something more in store for me" comes to mind.

Oh, that's creepy!! Memory from the past.

And, now I have to go to sleep with that one.
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