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Default Re: Taking flood victims into your home?

I'll be in Washington with the Peace Movement on September 24th.
"Well GAWLY gee peasants...there be a protestin down at tha Kapitale. We cun all strut about in a legally defined area shouting...We're here, were queer, get used to it! and other such chants that will have Cheyney QUAKING in his hooded Illuminati Robe."

Will that be the same Peace Movement that stopped the Vietnam War? The one that cunningly took 10 years to stop it?

America was BEATEN in Vietnam by a peasant army.

Just as Yanks would beat ANY Army that invaded the U.S.

The anti-war movement is USELESS and always has been. Stupid pressure release valve so New Yawkers can sip their Star Bucks next week guilt free.

Fuck the peace movement.

The top definition of useless.
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