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Default Re: Earthquakes/Tsunami attacks? Asia stands divided against dollar and euro

According to news articles, Diego Garcia is located within the same range as the other severly overcome islands. Either the island has some very, very unknown method to protect itself,or the information is absolute lies about not having been affected. Let's see the proof,because geographic, oceanic, and seismic logic says that it had to have been hit, too. If it had been secured from the effects of the tsunami, being at such low elevation; then that would actually finger the US as the guilty party using scalar weaponry. That is for those of us who believe it exists. If the island has been devasted as has the others in the area, then that might indicate that Russia(?) or China (?) could be the guilty party. Whoever may have struck at the critical area of adjoining plates next to Sumatra to create such catastrophic results -- it is actually a monstrous act of war.

Without mercy, the death toll rises and the misery deepens

29 December 2004

[Extract Only]

DIEGO GARCIA: How did it escape harm?

How did Diego Garcia, the British-owned island in the Indian Ocean and home of a US base for B2 bombers, escape the effects of the tsunami?

THE ISLAND, 1,000 MILES SOUTH OF INDIA AND WELL WITHIN RANGE OF THE WAVE, HAS A HIGHEST POINT OF 22FT AND AN AVERAGE ELEVATION OF 4FT, yet a spokesman for the US Pacific Command in Hawaii said that the base had not been harmed. Officials at the US Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii said Diego Garcia had been forewarned. Other countries were not, apparently because of a lack of contact details over a holiday weekend.


Evacuation from beaches cut deaths by hundreds in Kenya
By Adrian Blomfield in Nairobi
(Filed: 29/12/2004)

[Extract Only]

• The United States navy base on the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean was spared damage from the tsunami, US officials said. Carolyn Bell, a spokesman for the US Geological Survey, said coral reefs might have dissipated some of the impact on the island, resulting in only a slightly higher tide.

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[That the the U.S. officials at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii did not know whom to contact is an obvious lie.They are there just for that purpose.These professionals would know their international counterparts. It is probable that they were either ORDERED not to send warnings, or they were PREVENTED from doing so.]

Wednesday, December 29, 2004
A Wave of Questions: Putting a Disaster in Context

By Mickey Z.
[Extract Only]

Why was there no warning? There was warning. Here’s how the folks at Democracy Now describe what happened: “Within minutes of the tsunami forming on Sunday, U.S. officials at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii began tracking the waves. But the scientists claimed they had no one to contact in the Indian Ocean region about the possible danger. One exception was the British-owned island of Diego Garcia that houses a major US Naval base. The Independent of London reports that U.S. officials in Hawaii did warn Diego Garcia about the possible tsunami and the island suffered no major damage.”
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