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Default Re: Commie NWO Bush

Just curious, how many hurricanes have crossed through Florida without dying out!?!

Don't they usually disintegrate once over land?

How strong were the winds that hit New Orleans?

Clearly, the worst winds were on the right side and around the eye wall.

Did they tamper with the levee? When was the Army Corp of Engineers there? and for how long?

Did they make the conditions right in the water for this storm to gain the strength that it did. Blow it up???

Removing the dead bodies are not their concern, they said. Taking care of the living is their priority.

Well, sorry, but they have created a breeding ground for diseases and this only escalates the problem.

They are vaccinating people and I'm suspicious!!

The mayor of New Orleans has had several suicides in his police department. He stated they need medical care and counseling.
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