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Default Re: Delmart Vreeland: What Mike Ruppert Doesn't Want You To Know

I had time for Ruppert until the Peak bullshit started rolling.

It is such rubbish.

Africa alone is VIRTUALLY unexplored but they tell you there are no more fields to find. Are they serious?

Ruppert did not even know that Australia has some of the largest gas fields in the world. Really informed he is. Really on the ball.

I was talking to an oil industry man a month ago. He plans the costings for refineries and oil fields once the initial drilling data is in. The oil piggies are making a killing and having trouble keeping a straight face in public.

Saudi is pumping 9-11 million barrels a day. At $50 a barrel thats 4.5-5.5 billion dollars a day. Nice if you can get it. Cost at the well head is $1.40 per barrel. Get the gist. Pays for the war I guess. Saudi invests nearly ALL the profits in the U.S market.

Total OPEC production is 26million barrels a day...130 billion a day...just from OPEC. Big bickies for sludge that comes out of the dirt.

On the subject of Veerland...true, Ruppert has been loose with his standards but I believe the basic story. No one disputes that the note was locked up and authentic. As for the note being "anything" looks pretty clear that it refers to 9-11.

Veerland is in fact prime intelligence material. They employ druggies and shall we say slightly "whacky" personalities for the cause. Drugs and the Intelligence services are inseperable. The author makes it sound like it's pretty easy to get on the Pentagons phone list and even get yourself an office number. Please explain? Thats pretty good going...even if he did con did he know how to do it?

I am willing to believe he was ONI and former Navy. He has gotton mixed up in the wrong crowd.
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