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I's not my pupose to defend Christiandom because I separte it from Chritianism; but i would like to give a more accurate perspective on it.

First the concept of judeo-christian is a very broad one. When this term is used in its correct sense its usually talking about moral codes.

Funny if you read the old testament you find God trying to correct his people but every time they would do the contrary, no matter how many miracles or feats God made for them they would soon forget. This shows the state of the human condition.

The fact is that judaism has been trying to destroy christianism since its inception into the world because it pushed the powers that be in jesrusalem (the pharesees) out of the picture and exposed them for what they really where, a threat both to the jews and to the world. You can say that the historty of the west has been a struggle between these two.

Most of us those born under the influence of television and film have to be very carefull that our world view and notions of history (and for the that matter anything else) are in fact based on historical truths and not on the thousands of images and sound bytes that have penetrated our senses during our liftime.

Almost all we see and here in the media is fiction and is usually made to entertain and/or influence.

So its my opinion that we must forget any notion we consider a fact that was born out of television film or radio. This is also true of contemporary publishing.

Contemporary historians have developed a new way to interpret history that in fact is reinterpreting history to fit their world view.

They are using contemporay standards and personal belifs to understand things that happend in the past.

We must understand that we are living in and era called "The Age of deconstruccion" which put in simple words means to The questioning rationality.

The last 2 thousand years of western history cannot be separated from Christianity not the good nor the bad but we must also separate the notion of The Gospel from institutions like churches and governnment.

Most of the struggles in Europe has been for
control; between the forces of light and the forces of darkenss; and at different times either one was on top.

What was Europe? Europe was a conglomarate of pagan nations that where united by a force called Rome. When christianity came in it did much to change many of the negative things that existed but was also influenced by these very pagans.

But what was the impact on these pagans from Christianity?

1) High regard for human life

2) Worldwide impact on moral values…civilizing the uncivilized

3) Impact on health and medicine…hospital construction

4) Contribution toward freedom for all and civil liberties

5) Contributions to the poor and needy in our world

6) Impact on science

7) Impact on economics

8) Establishment of sexual values and family formation

9) Contribution to education and the formation of schools and universities

10) Impact on arts and music

11) Representative government the separation of political powers

12) The codifying and writing of languages

13) Elevated value for the common person

14) Elevated value of women

15) Millions of changed lives from societal liabilities to assets

If it not had been for Chrtianity Europe and western civilization would today look like a mixture of China and Iran. It would be an inhumane legalistic society.

Sadly the west is turning away from its historical notions and if we survive we will see our children living in such a world. Don't be a conspiritor against our historical values.

So even if Europe has not lived up to the full Christian way it has greatly benifited from it and so has the world. But you cannot blame the Gospel or the foundations of Christianty.

I urge all of you to read the bible it will make you free, its not about what you have been told.
Start with the new testament you will read things you never thought.

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