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Default Re: The Tsunami that was Katrina

Yes, we all know. Distraction is key and they needed a very big one this time!!

So, Katrina, made her way through Florida and instead of losing strength as she crossed land, she gained strength and became a devasting so-called natural disaster twofold with the collapse of the levee.

We know the Army Corp of Engineers was tampering with it in the months before the storm.

We know that the MAYOR of New Orleans for some unknown reason did not take into account that the many economically challenged inhabitants could not leave due to reasons beyond their control.

We know that the Superdome was opened and this is in the city of New Orleans.

First and foremost, buses should have taken those who were unable to leave away from the path of the Hurricane. You do not shelter people in the storm. You shelter them away from the storm.

Anyway, I don't want to get off topic here, but we have seen firsthand that our government has left the people to fend for themselves; are allowing as many as possible to die and live in squalor and are now referring to them as refugees.

These people do not have the wherewithal to pick up again where they left off without much assistance.

They can blow-up a storm. They can direct its' path.

If they knew the levee was going to collapse, then perhaps they directed the storm more to the east instead of wiping out the city completely.

It would be important to create as much devastation as possible by affecting three states; hit Mississippi and Alabama with the hardest winds and collapse the levee.

I don't know, I'm just rambling and speculating here.

But, if they are not capable of responding to a natural disaster with days of warning then they are "incompetent" and unable and callously and purposely will not protect the American citizens when THEY attack us next.

They do not belong in the White House!!

They belong behind bars!!!
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