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Default Re: Thinkin' like a terrorist....

Quote: is the best newsite in the world... hands down.
I agree, especially this link, which should be required reading in all basic economics classes:

Is The U. S. A. Already Bankrupt?

Wish I could share Brit Hume's optimism re Israel not being directly involved in 9/11, but my take on the Israeli art students was that it was a tag and release operation, intended to identify all important U. S. agents of influence, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.
That is not an encouraging thought occurring just prior to the advent of an operation like 9/11, which could have been jeopardized or even prevented altogether by one alert government official making the appropriate response.
A lot of motivation for whomever is involved to keep track of all American agents to insure that just such a glitch didn't occur.
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