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Default Re: City of Nawlins underwater Fucking NWO

WTF?? They act as if some "foreign" entity invaded the Gulf Coast!!!

It was a freakin' hurricane, arseholes!!

Man-made, powerful, category 5!!!

You come marching in there with your men as if the enemy has invaded, when, in fact, the enemy did invade, but they are not foreign. Maybe they have foreign interests, but they're living in the people's house and I think it's time they packed their bags and left before I start, I start, blurting out names and numbers!!!

We are talking about children who died in the Superdome due to lack of food and water, suicides, people in need because the government left them to die.

Locked them up and threw away the key and then sent the largest natural disaster in our history their way for their own benefit.

You are talking about Americans here, pal. They are desperate, scared, hungry. They have lost their homes, their jobs, their loved ones.

You are to go in there and protect, defend and aid them. Stop inciting riots!!!

Freakin' get real!!!!
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