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Default Re: NWO The Method Used At The Present time! Marxism or Ultra Capitalist Corp Monopoly Domination!??

I figured out where you were coming from the other day. You're an style anti-globalist.
:-? Well you seem to have figured partly wrong! Although you got the anti Globlist part right, where you got the idea that i was an anarchist I dont know!
Really i stated at the start of the thread that i was an associate larouche movement member. Apart from that i also attend a Pentacostal christian church.Does that still look anarchist to you!.

I stated the larouche part in white and grey in the opening post.That should have been crystal clear, not for some it seems.

More importantly I am just a cynical individual, peer pressure as lttle to do with who I am!.
I think for myself I never conform 100% mentally to any groups I am associated whether political or religious.
So do the groups i am with associated with think I make great member or attender probly not because i keep my own counsel on not all but certainly the most important moral and political issues to myself. Spirit filled churches dont usually push any political affliation anyway and nor should they!.

For those who don't know, IndyMedia is collectivists with a few anarchists opposed to globalization and privatization

Indy media is not an organisation it simply a forum much like this site with the exception of being hosted on open source servers where people with similar ideologies post issues.Personally although i can see the loose social morals sometimes displayed i have no problem with anti establishment and anti globlist sentiment and niether should anyone here from what i can gather except for the wacky ultra capos!.

Where part of the confusion comes is that IndyMedia was created by and continues to receive it's funding from the Robber Baron Foundations
To be honest I have never thought about who is behind it much. Because i have never met any of these radicals associated with it.
However if you claim this is the case can you link me to some evidence to prove this otherwise why should i believe your idle reactionary slurs on what i see as honest possibly misguided youth simply searching for answers much like people on this forum are searching for answers!.
With the exception of being from a different age group and differnt financial and lifestyle position in the capo hiearchy!.

Possibly some of you here should not be so judgemental towards those under thirty unless you intend to keep it some kind of digruntled old mens club!So far you seem to be doing just that and iam not surprised!.
Further i wonder just how many of you are members of political parties and groups and not idly criticising without taking concrete action in the real world.
It is always better to be fair dinkum than some kind of whinging hobbyist behind your keyboard. Atleast these young activists get out on the streets which is more than can be said for some middle aged conservatives! Who expect to change fate from the comfort of their keyboards!

So you need to ask a question.
Show me the evidence then we will discuss it not until! :-?


Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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