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Default Re: NWO The Method Used At The Present time! Marxism or Ultra Capitalist Corp Monopoly Domination!??


This revolution is an ongoing evolution of Capitalism into Socialism, which will eventually lead to the implementation of a self-regulating, classless society. In essence Capitalism, Socialism and Communism are integeral parts of the same perpetual procedure.
:-P There we have it a self regulating classless society. Self regulating sounds pretty capitalist to me rather than some over bearing government regulation. So where do some of you get the idea this is somehow socialist in character at all. After reading through the feature i dont see any socialist style policies not even mild government intervention.What it shows me is an ultra capitalist conspiracy or plutocracy of keeping the wealth in the hands of the most Elite group.Nothing new to me there.

Could it be that the difference of semantics of political and ecnomic terms between the U.S and more anglo countries like Australia is blurring our understanding of terms, thus leading to unnecessary misunderstandings and disagreement because to be honest, on most issues here i agree with you guys. But seems it is more a matter of semantics with terms.For example take the term Liberal in Australia it means the conservative party or the local party that has most incommon with Free trade style economic polices and therefore Globalisation.

In the U.S i believe it means almost the opposite for example those on the left like Kerry or clinton who believe in open slather for loose social morality like Gays and abortion on demand but have slightly more moderate economic polices you see the confusion these terms are causing between us.

The Permanent Revolution is the continual process of War, Revolution, and Terror intended to facilitate the global proliferation of a specific and unified Anglo/British Capitalism based on the precepts of the Fabian Society (founded in the mid 1880s). The objective is the creation of a Free Market Economy (Economic Democracy) based on international Free Trade through the United Nation's General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and its evolutionary offspring the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Well i agree with you here.I am also against that!

International Free Trade requires the explicit destruction of National Sovereignty. The final goal is the perfection of a highly organized and technologically advanced Capitalism. This Capitalism will only reach its perfection when it has evolved into Socialism. Once this perfected Corporate Socialism dominates all global economic activity then it will be possible to create the economic, political, social and moral conditions to make possible the emergence of a self-regulating, classless society directed by a Dictatorship over the Proletariat.
Yep i realise that and iam also against that!
The only thing is in the post modern sense of word the prolateriat will probly be white collar rather than blue collar worker perhaps they will be more middle class rather than prolateriat in this scenario just to revise Marx for the post industrial era of service and information industries.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected likewise as president. At that time he was incorrectly considered by many of this nation as on the conservative Right wing extreme, determined to end 50 years of the liberal Left wing East Coast Establishment dominance of the American government. He believed in a strong military posture, tax cuts to stimulate an economy in severe recession, draconian tariff reductions and was anti-Communist (that still never existed).
Against Reagan so am i so it seem s your no Market Libertarian like some nut jobs here good on you in agreemant so far! contin..

In 2000 George W. Bush was also "elected" president. At that time Bush was hailed as a World Conservative being politically right of center and determined to spread the fruits of "the American way of life." He believes in a strong military, radical tax cuts to stimulate an economy in severe crisis, total elimination of tariffs globally and with the fake Communism defeated by Reagan no one is able to recognize the implementation of true Communism.
Against GWB so am i. In agreement once again another Freetrade libertarian style warmonger!.

So after all that where do we disagree except for the minor issue of semantics in ideological and ecnomic terms!By far we are in agreement bro! :-)

I am an Austrlian larouche supporter here read some of his policies he is an american that believes in real platonic Rebublic not a fake plutocracy posing as a Republic which i believe you currently have.!

btw despite what i said 789 in another post just to piss him/her off iam not monarchist i like republics but real republics!. :-)
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