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Default New Orleans and HAARP

It's no REAL secret that the US has been involved in weather control experiments for years. And with their HAARP technology, this phenomena takes on an even more sinister and mysterious tone. Does anyone here think it is possible that this storm was seeded, or conjured by the electromagnetic device known as HAARP?

I remember seeing a documentary on the levys of New Orleans year or two ago. It said if any major storm or disaster hit it, the city would be destroyed. Then, a few years later, this very thing happenes. I had no clue as the levys and water surrounding New Orleans until I saw this documentary. Was this a possible preperation for the masses to help everyone understand what heppened recently in that city? Maybe, but maybe it's a long shot...

Now, their are many cities which are hit with huge storms every years, but none seems to have had the effect on the media that this one has.

If there was ever a city to target with a giant storm, it would be New Orleans. The city is destroyed, martial law sets in, there ared a million different factors that would function as a delightful test for the NWO.

Right now, I do not know the full capabilities of HAARP. Do you guys think this sort of thing could be possible?

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