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Default Re: New Orleans and HAARP

Yes- I think that's the case. In fact, Henrys latest piece " New Orleans: The Strategy for World Government" wraps it up well (as he usual does) and seemed to hit exactly what I was reading out of all the events as they unfolded. Everything has the Illuminati signature on it- prior discussion of issue that go unresolved, levees breached with little discussion of specifics (where are the photos and scientific analysis of why they broke?), agent provocateurs shooting at rescue workers (uh, why?!), with-held food/supplies aid support, martial law, endless "news" coverage on the lawlessness "anarchy", promotion of "government to the rescue", etc. Pushing the corrupt Red Cross (whom today I've found out was nicknamed "Double Cross" from some WWII soldiers) and the jump of gas prices were all bonuses for this.

Seems like this is just the next step of throwing the masses into more chaos for them to establish a new order from- order out of chaos. Ultimately it's hard to know when the plug is going to be pulled on the US economy but this could be it or it may be a handful of more years if they want to milk us more. The longer it is, the worst it's going to be when it happens.
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