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Default Re: Why aren't they using the concentration camps?

freeman wrote:
So, then, do you believe that dragons and lizards and aliens are real and are the controlling forces behind the secret societies?
As I said, I am beginning to accept the possibility.
No question the Illuminati and Satanists function with a more reptilian mindset, repressed emotional centers. Their bloodlust and sexual deviance are more animal than human responses.
Perhaps that is another reason why they want to reduce us to the animal level. Because that is the level they function on and understand, not just because it makes people easier to control.
I believe that this is also evidence that God has created man in His image and given us the weapon that we need to fight back against these evil bastards: our spirituality.

Evil Satanist George H. W. Bush a #77 Knights Templar with The Baphomet Goat Headed Demon Gold Emblem. The 100 International Banker Knights Templars worship Baphomet the Goat Headed Demon, the Devil. The Templars are #33-#99 The Black Pope was a #99 possessed by the Devil (Deceased Nov 2003). The Templars are all now waiting to be possessed by the Devil. That person will be known as the Anti-Christ. (Picture Taken 1992)

Council Of 13
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