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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

Mary :-D hahaha you crack me up, couldn't reply before now because I couldn't stop laughing, laughing WITH YOU I might add. I've tried the serious and sensible approach but you are forcing me to be myself and be a loony drama queen Ė you're more like me than you realise! Hahaha

Women leaving their children in fulltime day care is an ever growing trend, there have been stories recently in the UK of young children being treated very badly in these Nursery Gulags. I was listening to the radio when the story broke and the female presenters and some of the callers were saying they would rather not know as they feel guilty enough as it is without hearing stories of abuse! I couldn't believe what I was hearing - the feeling of guilt is natures way of alerting the mother to get back to her children. If I had children I would be with them at all times, it's about serving yourself and family not feminist genocide and Gucci shoes. (Although if anyone wants to buy me a pair for my birthday I wouldn't say no! haha). Children in the UK are now showing signs of self destructive behaviour; disrespect for their elders and parents, having sex (the STD rate here has exploded amongst teenagers), drinking and taking drugs and equally disturbing; an embracement of credit and the acceptance of high interest debt. These fulltime working mothers always come out with the same line; I want my children to respect me because I go to work, what they are actually doing is teaching their children the NWO ideology of materialism and family destruction. On your deathbed your children won't be congratulating you for being a professional tax slave, they will be congratulating you on being a fab mum. The biggest compliment.

You say in England you saw lots of young men walking besides the mother and their child, well they don't stick around, they move on to others and create more lost children. Recent report here said that 1 in 5 of British men in their 30's now live with children that they have not fathered, that worries me also because it's known that children are far more likely to be abused by men who are not their real fathers.

As for American consumerism taking over Britain, I totally agree, to the point that I've become a little or a lot depending on what mood anti American. Every UK high street and shopping centre has the same large corporations that have eroded our culture; the family business is a dying trade as big business takes over, too many American TV shows, America saving the world Hollywood movies. No offence to the American people but you all on here understand the NWO tool of destroying national culture and devide & rule, I also feel resentful of European culture being force fed so we become EU friendly/brainwashed. Again, no offence meant.

As for the school system, ours is so dumbed down our kids talk and write in 'text talk' yet amazingly, have degrees popping out of their bot-bots.

It's kind of you to say the British man has a greater capacity for reasoning and free thinking, hmmm they are needles buried in 100ft haystack! Most here are either middle class twits who are only interested in your pension plan and their navigation system in their silver shiny new cars OR working class thickos who tell you to be happy working as a cleaner in a pub, holiday in Spain and eat egg n chips because they donít want to eat all that 'foreign muck' :-D

Yes my sweeite, you gotta laugh :-D

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