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Default Re: New Orleans and HAARP

In answer to nomad, Yes, my electricity does work well. *laughs* A little too well....

To Max, Yeah, the whole gas prices thing was a total charade. In the country I live in, our gas prices broke the 1$ a unit mark a few mothts ago, and suddenly, they jump another 20 cents in a metter of weeks. The gas companies knew that after they finally broke the theshold and got people used to the triple digits, the sky was the limit. My working theory is that the gas companies are milking us for everything we are worth before hydrogen catches on. Did you know that Hydrogen can power a corvette for 600 miles, with all the preformance there? Did you know that the hydrogen fuel cell technology used "sponge" chemicals to make the hydrogen completely safe for driving, even during a crash situations? And you can produce hydrogen for free using a solar converter in you own back yard? Right now said kits cost between 7000 and 10000 dollars. But the technology would be virtually free if it was outfitted on every car as a standard feature, not to mention the whole energy monopoly the gas companies have.

The over coverage of the new orleans thing makes me wonder what is going on in the rest of the world that they feel the need to flood the entire new networks with this barrage of coverage.

You know, during the initial iraqi conflict, north Korea actually fired a missle at Alaska, with success?! That's an act of war in ANY situation. But the news refused to cover it, knowing they'd loose support for the war on iraq. Not to mention the fact that the US is arming North Korea with nuclear reactors, most likely for a staged furure conflict.
When the people fight against the elite, it\'s an act of terror.
When the elite terrorizes the people, it\'s called justice.
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