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Default Re: Why aren't they using the concentration camps? a side note. We here in West Oz have had a serial killer getting around for the last 8 years or so. He knocked off 3 women from a particular suburb - Claremont, of Perth. Right under the noses of the coppers.

I have met someone who has particular knowledge of the case. He claims it is the Knights Templar who are strong here in Oz as opposed to their such a difference? He also claims (and I believe) that the police are COMPLETELY under the Knights Templar's thumb. He further claims that the ritual killing of these 3 women was carried out by one Lord McAlpine...

He is well known here in West Oz. This is the FIRST time i've heard about these allegations. I have just read a passage from David Ickes site.

He built this office tower some years ago. Note the pyramid at the top. I cannot believe this has been staring me in the face for years but I NEVER noticed. They say it is so as he flies in this is the first thing he sees...

This guy walks the streets of Perth. He also hangs out at his resort in Broome...north west of the State.

I pray to God I bump into him. I have my phone camera and video with me at all times. I'm going to cuff him accross the face and name him as the Satanic scum he is. No mercy. I sware by almighty God.
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