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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

Ana, I damned near peed myself again.

We should get together and do a comedy act! What a couple of fools.

Yes, the EU. That's the britains social equivalent to canada's multiculturalism. Politically correct horseshit. The EU scares me. When the currency is the same, so follows the laws, the economics and eventually the taxes... to which bank in whose country?

I know Britain has so far opted out of the euro and....

I believe they will crash the Euro when they crash the greenback. Point of note. They have recently fashioned canada's paper funny money after the British pound note with the silvery thingy through it and the watermark. Why? Does the Euro looke the same too? Are they starting to amalgamate currencies more than we realise?

Back on track. Men.

That haystack is a mile thick is these parts - THICK being the operative word.

Our local chat show hosts says we should throw the rotten kids out of school... expel them. I questioned whether that was the best approach because they might not becomes educated lawyers and they might possibly breed irresponsibly, being uneducated, young, and lacking experience.

My friend Sylvie, said it right. This is a throw away generation. The babies have been chucked out with the bath water while mum buys a better tub...times flies...children grow.


Can we all say, "ABANDONED CHILDREN"?

Children do not raise themselves and oddly, strangers who are paid rarely care for children, as family, who love them, would. Surprised?

A lot of people wouldn't trust their best mate with their wallet and they will readily hand over a defenseless child to an adult, they really do not know at all. Scary, when you really think about it. They think beacuse money changes hands, that the child is going to get everything they need?


"Mummy? Excuse me, mum. Mum do I have to wear tights?"

"If you are going outside and you are wearing a skirt, yes you do."

"Mum. Love you."

Get the picture? A conversation that just happened while I was typing... with my five year old.

I love being a mum. Why would people who have children, accept the job offer and want to sub-contract the work out? So they can make more money than who they are paying to raise their child?

Where is the love? Literally? Figuratively? It's not at home. No one's ever home. There is no home. There is no mum waiting at home, anymore. There is something really wrong with that thinking, in my mind.

Maybe a couple of class acts like us can find a couple of classy guys. Who knows? We exist, and I am beginning to understand just what a rare breed (being real women) we are! There's real men out there too. Quite a few at this forum, I believe. One day, some way... keep up the faith.

Sending you warm fuzzy feelings

Mary XXX

Multiculturalism is hoowie and racism at its most politically correct.
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