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Default Re: Khezran Jews (not ancient Hebrews) " Aryan supremacy" and "master-race casteism"

Everything is here:

Most of today`s Jews have probably nothing to do with the ancient so-called "Jewish" (the word didn`t even exist before the middle-age) tribes. Most of the present descendants of these tribes are probably among the Palestinians and the few remaining semitic Jews ("Sepharades"). All this would have no importance other than historical but the so-called "Jewish" bankers and the "Jewish" zionists they have financed exploited the lie of being descendants of Abraham (the legend says that the twelve sons of Abraham founded the twelve tribes as related in the Old Testament) to justify the big bloody hold-up on Palestine.

Some evil people have used and are still using the "Jewish" identity as a shield in their war against humanity. The Palestinian tragedy is only part of this war, the name of the whole war being... New World Order. Of course, they will not win since they are only the dinosaurs of the present spiritual prehistoric age and they will disappear by themselves as the human spirit will continue to evolve. As says Marypopinz: "I believe the future is gonna be bright... somewhere down the road... when the truth comes to light. Peace."
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