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Default Re: I get the feeling that events like the Katrina fiasco are meant to foment civil war in the US

I feel this is some kind of a practice exercise.

Hillary wrote a letter to BUSH criticizing FEMA and asking for an "investigation." Also proposing that FEMA be removed from under the Homeland Security umbrella.

Okay, good points for Hillary, right?

Bush leaves office, Hillary is in and all is well, or so we think.

They've seen firsthand, we all have, how many might perish when left to their own devices for days after a natural disaster of this magnitude without the assistance of our government, using half-assed evacuation measures and when food, water, medical needs are withheld.

Yes, they have a massive clean-up effort, but we are footing the bill. They're printing money out of thin air for relief and then recirculating that money back into their pockets through contracts awarded to them for rebuilding, etc.

We pay them back with interest and the money goes right back into their pockets.

Not to mention the money they are bilking from us through their charitable foundations and the Bush/Clinton fund.

They're watching the break-out of possible illnesses due to water contamination, etc. A shelter in Biloxi with 400 evacuees was shut-down due to contaminated water.

Curious as to where they were receiving their water supply from.

When you move people out of an area where a hurricane is predicated, you do not place them in shelters without necessities, lock them up and throw away the key.

I lived in Florida most of my life and watched evacuations for decades that were accomplished using buses to take, sick, elderly, poor to shelters outside of the evacuation area where cots, food, water, etc. were provided. High Schools were used.

When a Hurricane threatens any part of the Keys, evacuations are successful. PEOPLE LEAVE and if they can't, they are assisted.

So, knowing that if New Orleans was hit by a Hurricane, a three, four, five could be devastating whether parts of the levee broke or not, why was the Mayor not prepared properly to evacuate those who were unable to do so themselves? Was this a conscious effort by "operatives" within his office? Doesn't he have an Emergency Management Office???

If so, why not a plan?

Will he be one of the fall guys?

Bandits are roaming the streets of New Orleans with AK-47's. Okay, people are sick, but this just sounds way too convenient.

Bush wanted to take control from the Governor of National Guard and place them under Federal control. Another attempt to test the waters, possibly.

Okay, she shot him down!!

So when Hillary is elected and everyone thinks all is well, FEMA is fixed, and the "big one" hits one day, the government, I'm sure already knows where to strike to cause the most casualties, most damage and also the reaction of the people in this country when they fail to respond in a timely manner.

Bush is still the "sitting" President. Blunder, after blunder after blunder.

They are re-locating some of the evacuees to Utah and places that just seem ridiculous to me.

They are displacing these people, creating a country of NOMADS, refugees.

Just as they ripped apart families on 911.

Psychological operations at hand!!

Traumatizing a nation.

JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy.

911, anthrax, virus in China, sniper, hurricane, war in Iraq.

All of these actions create anxiety, PTSD, depression, anger, hopelessness, etc. in society.

Creating illnesses in society is one of their major goals. Psychological, mental, etc. (ADHD, and then selling us the medication to drug our children with SPEED when they can't tell us what causes ADHD. The brain moves to fast and the remedy is SPEED!! It is an environmental illness. Fast moving images, fast-paced society, technology, the pressure to be the best, have the most, etc.). Again, all of this was studied deeply in their mind control programs.

They weren't just about the creation of sex slaves; although this helped to finance these programs and their black ops.
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