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Default Re: The Most Hated Scientist of the New World Order

Like I said, Tesla is actually loved by the

NWO because they are using his discoveries

against us. We let them do it because we

are lied to by being given people like

Albert Einstein as inspiration. As a Jew

and former admirer of Einstein my beliefs

about Jewish superiority were forever SHATTERED

when I learned about what Telsa did for the

world and what his philosophy was all about. Like

I said, relatively speaking, Albert Einstein is

a COMPLETE FRAUD next to Nikola Tesla and I

will make sure that my kids learn this. I implore

you to do the same and stop the lies of the NWO.
\" What luck for rulers that men don\'t think \"
Adolf Hitler

The New World Order: privatizing money printers,
one nation at a time.
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