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Default Re: Pope was investigating Knights Templar before his election

it will require the same strength of character, forebearance, and even showing charity toward the persecutors, as those early Christians showed.
The only charity I will be showing is a bullet to their head if I like them and both their knees first if i dont.

They are worse than rabid dogs.

I think it is a mistake to be so docile in the face of evil.

I like being alive. I am NOT afraid of death though how I die and how I am remebered is importent.

It is vital that "they" know that perfectly sane, middle class, intelligent people will NOT put up with criminal government and their actions. Did Christ put up with criminal earthly powers? Are you Christ?

I wont be getting nailed to a cross.

The Allmighty gave me the fundamental right to live in peace, unmolested by fundamentally EVIL S.O.B's. They live by it...they can die by it.

The only factor for me is timing. The line between noble freedom fighter and nut case gun man is a fine one. The situation in Oz is a LONG WAY from requiring this sort of action. I know many peoplewho will NOT be going quietly and as far as I'm concerned it's time for people on forums to let "them" know..."We" have the power. Not them, and if they engage in openly criminal and indeed evil actions, then let them eat cake.

The time for open revolt is a long way off. But as an should be plainly on the table.

Let the minions know...they will be facing an organised resistence. Just as law enforcement in N.O were throwing in their badges...let that happen at the time of reckoning when "their" bodies start piling up.

I still have faith in the basic good nature of law enforcment. They will not follow orders in the end.

The most likely scenario is all out nukes 2011-12. Even takes people to turn those keys and those people have families. I still have some faith in human nature.
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