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Default Re: I get the feeling that events like the Katrina fiasco are meant to foment civil war in the US

"It seems to me that a form of evoloution is at work. Those humans who have ears AND act...will increase their survival chances over the coming years. Those that simply enjoy a chat over the net on these issues are only marginally better off and those who simply dont know...well we know whats in store for them.

I am reminded of Noah.

People are going to have to make some VERY fundamental decisions.

Talk is cheap.

As Makow says so well..."it will take effort, but it will be worth it".

Even the so called "woken up ones" are still hopelessly dependant on the system."

Humans with ears acting in what manner other than discussing issues on a forum???

You don't think protesting is effective so what type of action are you speaking about?


what type of effort is Makow referring to?

It's one big SYSTEM that they've caught us up in like a spider spinning a web.

Those who know, can take measures.

Those who don't, won't.
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