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Default Re: I get the feeling that events like the Katrina fiasco are meant to foment civil war in the US

Minuteman wrote:
I think it's just a big experiment. Should I repost the Idaho Observer thing about Slavery and the Eight Veils? It explains a lot to me about how people are just too, too stupid to believe reality.
Thing two blatently noticable to me.
I have been for some time a fan of the weather control crowd, chemtrails, HAAAP and such. Guess what? Since Katrina, at least in my area all and I do mean all chemtrail operations have STOPPED. The weather has been normal, air traffic, white out skies and planes leaving trails from horizon to horizon has ceased.
Even tonight my future son in law came down to comment on the CNN story about Clinton and Bush "coming together" over Katrina.
I had to explain CNN=CIA and of course that they naturally would "come together" because they all profit from it.
Thing three.
Well the plan is to make America a giganitc nature park is it not?
Thing four.\
Head for the hills. I think not. Very recent indications are that Nazism is extrememly prevalent in rural American areas. These guys will protect their turf and trust me they will be armed.

I'm in the Northeast and the chem-trails haven't been around for quite sometime, but before Katrina, very active.
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