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Default Re: I get the feeling that events like the Katrina fiasco are meant to foment civil war in the US

Your absolutely right. However, the liberal public are very good at convincing themselves that their political leaders have done no wrong. just look at the stance of most of the Clinton supporters. It's my feeling that if Hilary gets in, things will be every bit as bad, but since the media is controlled and owned by liberals, it won't get as much coverage.

I mean, obviously, the reason Bush is so unbelievably popular is because the liberal media is pissed off. I'm not saying he's a great president. I'm just saying the media is completely and utterly one sided. Except for CNN, but that doesn't count as media.

Really, right now, anyone stands a chance of getting elected. The public is in such disarry that my left tecticle stands a decent chance of becoming the next leader of the free world.

I doubt Hilary would be the third alternative you speak of. I think she's too self concerned to be anything but a shrew. Perhaps they'll use her to do an equally bad job, and then introduce the third alternative. Who's to say. All I know is that I could take seeing her face all over television for four straight years, let alone 8. And I barely even watch tv!
When the people fight against the elite, it\'s an act of terror.
When the elite terrorizes the people, it\'s called justice.
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