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Default Re: Germany now exports more products than the USA

What nationality was Karl Marx and Frederick Engels? - German.

Where was Engels living when he wrote his first major paper? Engels was then living in Manchester, where he wrote (in German) "The Condition of the Working-Class in England" (1845).

Where was MArx living when he wrote "Das Kapital". England.

Marx...the enemy of the elites is buried in Highgate cemetary - England. You try getting buried their. Who supported Marx and Engels? How working class were MArx and Engels? NOT. Middle class slackers.

Which 2 Royal families are tied closely by direct blood lines? Which 2 Royal families have a particular love of cults and secret societies?

Who owns the planet?

Whom did Hitler LOVE and who betrayed him when he went his own way?

Germany and the U.K are tied closely to the NWO fact they are in many in the same.
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