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Default Re: I get the feeling that events like the Katrina fiasco are meant to foment civil war in the US

I know I'm sounding a little over the top in the last few posts...but consider this...

The majority of you here are talking in a matter of fact way about a CRIMINAL, ORGANISED CRIME outfit of SATANIC, MURDERING SWINE who plan on a population cull sometime in the next 20 years.

Hands up if you've made ONE small plan to increase your chances of living through the difficult times to come?

I am particularly aiming this at Americans. You are gunna cop it first...real hard.

How can ANYONE here talk of these things and NOT plan for the future?

Like so many things, it's initial appearence, if percieved at all, first comes in the abstract...and then in concrete form. If you wait for the police state to hit you in the face it will be too late.

For Gods sake make some plans.

And have EVERY right to defend yourself from this system. The more they KNOW that law abiding, middle class types consider armed insurrection an option, the more they will tone down their actions. Do you think the SWAT/ATF and even DELTA are that kick ass? They are fucking useless. Look at WACO? What did that take? Take it from me, they bleed like you or me. You do NOT have the right to shoot at people doing their duty in the context of keeping order. But when the round up's begin...let them know, you will not go quietly. Let that little 22 year old kick ass wannabe know...he may not be making it home for dinner if he follows CRIMINAL orders. That is NOT an extreme statement! That is YOUR God given right.

By the process of incrementalization the frogs are sitting and talking about it...and nothing else.

I consider the government of the U.S as NOTHING more or less than an Organised Crime outfit. LITERALLY. Stalin's actions more accurately reflect current U.S actions. Hitler at least looked after his people. The reason they double crossed him.

Read up on Stalins methods of extreme terror that had to be used to quell the population. "Seperate and intimidate".

Do the opposite...come together and intimidate them.

The useless idiot Army in N.O killed 5 innocent government contractors! Tried to make out they were looters.

Standing up or lying down. The result will be the same. Do you think by being passive you'll be spared?

I am not an agent provocature. The unfolding events are self evident. Make a choice. Your 2 cars and the mortgage will mean NOTHING in the times to come.
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