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Default Re: New Orleans and HAARP

freeman wrote:
My guess would be, that like 9/11, they used HAARP, physical sabotage and any other means available to them; however, even if we accept the mainstream contention that the New Orleans Holocaust was created through a combination of freak weather and longstanding negligence to upgrade the floodwalls, there can be no question that government assistance was intentionally denied to the victims. Way too much info from way too many disparate sources has filtered in to support any other conclusion.
Based on that fact alone, I am persuaded to assume full-scale conspiracy, since history has taught me well that the NWO boys never do anything halfway.
If they were prepared in advance to withhold aid, then they were prepared in advance to generate the crisis requiring the aid. It is that simple.

that would be the most logical explanation they

used HAARP to create the illusion and sabotaged

the keep assets which was child's play in this

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