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Default Re: Levees were sabotaged

It's about time that the Hurricane experts informed us of the wind speed in New Orleans.

After Andrew, even when the Hurricane Center was hit in Miami and all equipment out, they knew wind speeds were as high as 165 mph.

And, with Andrew, they sent people from the area that wasn't hit the hardest to the area that was thinking they would be safer there. They weren't, as usual, just before landfall, the storm changed course.

Loss of life was minimal, but people spent hours with mattresses on their heads waiting for the storm to end.

There was no communication with the Hurricane Center, so Brian Norcross, meteorologist, guided people through the storm via radio.

So, if they directed the Hurricane's path into New Orleans and knew the levee was going to break as well, then, the destruction would not have been as widespread.

Our troops would not be fanned out in three different states; although I'm not hearing much about Alabama.
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