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Default Re: Levees were sabotaged

BlueAngel wrote:
Do we know how many dead in Mississippi?

We know New Orleans was under evacuation orders. Wasn't this because they thought the worst of the storm was coming their way??

She made a very "big" turn to the right according to the imagery before landfall or in time to evacuate the areas in Mississippi and Alabama who would face the worst of the Hurricane???

In other words, what path was projected before the storm hit????
New Orleans death toll could reach 10,000

Sep 6 2005


ENGINEERS plugged the levee break that had swamped much of New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters, as the city’s mayor announced his grimmest yet prediction: as many as 10,000 dead.

Ray Nagin upped his estimate of the probable death toll in his city from merely thousands, telling NBC’s Today show, “It wouldn’t be unreasonable to have 10,000.”

IC Wales
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