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Default Re: I get the feeling that events like the Katrina fiasco are meant to foment civil war in the US

Is this when the UN steps in??

Is this when "foreign" assistance comes our way in the form of military?

Is this when a "take-over" occurs???

Why else have so many blatant mistakes been carried out making our President look like a fool who can't lead his country????

It wouldn't be any different than when America invades a third world country due to civil uprising instigated by their "covert" operations or under the guise of removing a "brutal" dictator in order to instill freedom and democracy.

It's the other side of the coin, only it would be on our turf.

If another terrorist attack occurs and we are unable to defend our country with our own military, stretched way too thin, this could be the scenario.

If we then are placed under the control of another entity, the criminals in the government and military would be investigated, if this is demanded, by this entity and most probably the scapegoat factors comes in according to Freeman's thesis.

Thereby, escaping guilt.
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