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Default Re: Why in the world are people committing suicide in the Superdome?

Thumper wrote:
Makow said the same thing about snipers and the rescue helicopters.
Sorry I'm so dense, but where were the snipers? In New orleans, or Ruby Ridge?
As for Hillary being Bi, she's got enough decency to refuse the younger (and underage) presidential models, so I don't think that the young intern scenario will work. Besides, times are progressive, no?
Think about poitics in the Kennedy era. If it was rumored that a president took a Playboy magazine to bed, it was horribly scandalous and could have dire consequences. But if one commits adultery with a presidential model (alleged to be programmed through trauma-based mind control) who also happens to be famous, oh, then that's OK? It's all relative to them.
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