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Default Re: Katrina topic, Re: Minuteman

Now, they're stealing children. WHY so many mothers and fathers and children separated from one another by the National Guard????

Preying on the sick, poor, ill and less fortunate, the downtrodden!! Those without resources to either fight against them or pick themselves up. Those who are most dependent upon the government (i.e., welfare, etc.).

The evacuees are being re-located throughout the United States.


We can't find suitable safe-haven for them someplace other than North Philadelphia, Utah?

They are ripping us apart at the seams. Creating isolation in our society. Destroying our towns, cities, families, local government. The cohesiveness that holds us together and gives us comfort. A "covert" operation for decades, but, of course, escalating now.

Our town, our homes, our loved ones and the ability to feel that we have a government to turn to in time of need are being destroyed.

We are ALONE!!
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