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Default Re: Re-evaluating Fascism

Wow, Draken, you do make us read intensively. Mussolini was credited as having said, "Fascism is really Corporatism". I note Corporatism is mentioned in the above article.

I always stand by the assertion that labels are potentially troublesome. I like descriptions better. Is the 'fascism' you refer to more in line with Anthony Suttons wish for people to take personal responsibility for their problems?

Regarding Left/Right labels; we're all probably conditioned to be Left wing. Many 'right wingers' of the barking hound variety just want the way to be cleared for the elite to reign with no opposition. They see themselves as well served by their elite masters ("We need rich people to provide the jobs..." etc)

Katrina shows us how Left we all are, very few taking personal responsibility for their well being. And much of that is unavoidable because of the society we are in. We all rely on someone else, and that is necessary and healthy in a family situation. But why were so many people un-cared for in New Orleans? Many are too poor to survive in the NWO.

We have an economic system created by elites for their own enrichment at others expense. Hardly surprising when everyone else somehow surviving in the current sytem, is unable to cope in the NWO.
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