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john wrote:
I know this will irritate some of you but I am quite certain that the connection between the UFOs and the NWO was cunningly established by people who wants to ridicule the opposition to the orwellian NWO. For sure, these x-file kind of tales allows a certain "elite" to make discredit the hidden truth about the NWO. Let`s call it the "David Icke syndrome"...

John I would have to agree ... they are

playing with a great diversion technique ...

if they would study what Nikola Tesla achieved

they would see that we don't NEED alien

technology for advancement because we already

have EVERYTHING we need already and that its

being suppressed by the NWO. ... like

the good man said, when you pray don't pray

for the obvious because God knows what

you need before you even ask ... implying

EVERYTHING is there ... ie free energy.

Tesla believed that the reason we have

so many poor (about half the planet lives on less

than a dollar a day) is because of the lack

of free energy which is AVAILABLE, just

like the air you breath is available to you ...

but then the NWO wouldn't be able to charge

you for dirty fuel and continue to have us believe

that wars are necessary.
\" What luck for rulers that men don\'t think \"
Adolf Hitler

The New World Order: privatizing money printers,
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