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Default Re: Strange emails? "Tracking" down?

truebeliever wrote:
Yes, they link the hardware numbers with your IP address. They would then require a search warrent to access your IP's database for your personal details. Obviously foreign countries are relatively safe from their prying eyes.

If you're with AOL...which is right next door to the CIA...they know everything about you instantly since AOL IS the CIA.

Gates also makes NO secret that 7 members of Microsoft Board are NSA.

INSIGHT...very naughty!!!

I try to reward good programming by buying if I can. I buy the odd game if it's good.

Yeh...good old astalavista!

Just got the cracked version of Sony Vegas 6, video editing. It's a great bit of software but at $650 U.S i wont be buying soon. If I was earning money I would.

Gates will NEVER get a cent out of me. Mike Rivero of What Really Happened, sent Microsoft my e-mail after I said he was sponsored by Microsoft. Getting him to criticise microsoft is like pulling teeth. I noted to him I considered downloading free music from corporatised sell outs was a national duty...freedom loving Rivero then e-mailed me he had passed on my details! :-D

There are many good things about owning nothing. They cant do anything to you!
Really! Trouble is all ISPs legally have to log all activity via their servers.
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