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Default Re: Re-evaluating Fascism

Yeah, maybe. They MIGHT actually admit it. If you read Plato's Republic he says there that ths true elite has to be forced to rule, since if they had the choice they wouldn't WANT to rule; worldly power is not important to them, they know that's not what human existence is all about.

But if THEY don't take the responsibility to rule themselves, everyone will suffer at the hand of the lesser people, not capable of ruling, simply not being on the mental, spiritual level one has to be on.

True rulers are NATURAL rulers, around whom everyone naturally form societies, cities, nations.

I don't necessarily agree with everything Plato says, but when it comes to tyranny - as the political system it is, with no value attached! - he says is higher standing than democracy. Tyranny is just a form where one person is at the apex of the society, building a bridge (pontifex) between Heaven and Earth, that is God and Man.

If the 'tyrannos' (ruler, dictator) is of the type I described would be MEANT to rule, truly BORN to rule, then that's a society I'd gladly live in and be that ruler's subject.

But if that "ruler" is a ruler thanks to his WEALTH -

Fuck off. Excuse my French. ;-)
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