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Default Re: Re-evaluating Fascism

On the subject of Plato and "The Republic". Plato was pissed that his mentor was killed by the Elite, but he blames the citizenry for not stopping it!

I dont like that book. It wreaks of elitism and plain old "bitching".

Plato should have recalled that in other societies, Socrates would have been put to the sword far quicker than he was in Democratic Athens where he was tolerated for a LONG time. He was a smelly annoying old man who constantly annoyed everyone in Athens for their stupidity. My hero! :-D

Also, the accounts of his trial were from his 2 students who were not happy about things and it's hard to get the truth of how it all unfolded. Socrates probably bent over and mooned the crowd at the trial!! :-D

This is a UNIQUE time. We cannot go back to Fuedalism, even at it's sentimental best because God is now OUT of the equation. There is NO concrete ground for a large scale technological system to place it's wobbly feet. It's o.k to "believe" in God and ultimate values...but really, when POWER is in your hands you have to FEAR God or else you'll start to believe you are God.

Right now I see chaos and the complete break up of western civilization over 200 years as the next step. During that time "good" people will form societies of their own and embody the principals of which you speak. It's going to be a tough time...or, maybe a miricale will happen. I still deep down feel that the good in people will rise to the surface when faced with death and chaos. Those that come together will survive. Those that seperate and disintergrate will go the way of the dinosaus.

On that note. I'm going to sound like a dreaded "Darwinist" but I believe that Mother Nature throws up ALL sorts of people. In previous times, human beings who could not exibit compassion, love and care for their fellow man would die out as they could not form the strong tribal bonds that increased survival chances.

Now, any devient personality can survive and prosper in this "Iron Dark Age". They can hide and indeed...sociopathic tendencies can be rewarded.

It will of course naturally disintergrate.

Thats why I encourage people to start getting out now. You dont have to "hide" from the world, just enable yourself some leeway.
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