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Default Re: Bush to lead inquiry into Katrina

Yes, Bush is heading up the investigation into the mishandling of the FEMA disaster. An agengy under his control.

Earlier on the telly, he states, "it's not time to place blame. We're problem solvers. (puke, puke). We're concerned with saving lives. Yes, order out of chaos!! Concerned with saving lives???!! after you've killed thousands!!!! What lives? What lives do they have now?????

The lives you have created for them. You miserable piece of $%^&!!

This man is completely INSANE!!!!

Meanwhile, Cafferty on CNN is livid. How can this man say this isn't the time to blame. Thousands are dead!!! Send FEMA director back to Colorado!!!!

Just heard a doctor on the news say that he was there waiting for necessities to treat the sick and they came late, of course, allowing more deaths.

Five dead due to Cholera.

Where are they pumping this bacteria infested water????

Heard a rumor that GORE sent two planes with supplies and he was turned away.
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