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Default Re: Levees were sabotaged

The 'proof' at this point of sabotage, is similar to that of the buildings collapsing on 911. Civil engineers who presumably build factors of failure into structures like bridges, office towers and levees usually get it right.

Does jet fuel melt steel? No. Do steel framed office towers collapse in on themselves after 1/2 an hour of fire? No.

Do levees whose sole raison d'etre is to resist flood waters, spontaneously collapse? Not too likely. What you have to weigh is the 'coincidence' of a FEMA/US Military Stand Down for 4 days fighting local officials every step of the way, and the 'possibility' of said forces doing a little sabotage to make it a proper disaster.

Find the person who understands the diabolical nature of the Katrina Stand Down, 4 election years after 911, and then thinks it unlikely there was levee sabotage, and you have a very strange individual indeed. Too much of a co-incidence.
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