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Default Re: Khezran Jews (not ancient Hebrews) " Aryan supremacy" and "master-race casteism"

Born_To_Die wrote:
freeman wrote:
This is all extremely interesting and very well deconstructed; further, I agree with all of it, but I think the common denominator when one begins to trace the lineage of the NWO is not Judaism, Khezrinism, Zionism or even Aryanism -- it is Satanism at the root core of the phenomenon, just as Springmeier established in his "Bloodlines of the Illuminati".
No other structure fits the model.

oye oye I agree my friend freeman

Satanism and luciferism is at the core of all the ills. Some of the Isralis that where exiled to Babylon got into this luceferic ism and have kept it via the kabala and the talmud used by the pharesses. But this ideaolgy existed prior to the Israli nation.

After the Roman destruccion of Israel it came to Europe via the jewish exiles and slaves, it mixed with european druidism and paganism and the bloodlines have mixed.

The Talmudic Khazarina jews are a core group of this conspiracy and this cannot be changed.

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