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Default Re: Strange emails? "Tracking" down?

for YOU to be able to communicate on the web, you must have an IDENTIFIABLE IP Address. True, you could route through a server that offers to hide your orginal IP and dispose of it later, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that this is legal. In fact, if it's not in Russia or India i'd say to you an Intelligence agency of the West is offering you the service.

It is ILLEGAL to offer software or equipment that enables non-governmental agencies the ability to communicate incognito. That was signed by the G8 including Russia and China back in the early 90's.
My computer savvy girlfriend says that the loophole for that is HOW LONG a company SAVES your IP address. This is what the discussion is about now, supposedly. A company HAS to save the IP addresses but it's not specified how long. They get around the problem of FBI/NSA/CIA wanting the IP addresses by saying "we DO save them, BUT ONLY 2 WEEKS, so we don't have them any longer".
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