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Default Re: Strange emails? "Tracking" down?

All land line/mobile phone communications, in the end, go through the central telephone exchange in every city.

It is here that ALL government taps are done on mobile/phone/fax/internet communications.

This is the weak point.

Data storing capacity means details can easily be kept indefinately and cross referenced at a later date.

Remember...if you use ADSL your "line" is hotwired for high speed data at your local exchange. You stand out like dogs balls on a frog.

But's about being looked at.

For instance...i have placed my first and last name on this forum and also my location in Perth West Oz. I have mentioned armed insurrection recently. That would be enough for intelligence services to put in a request for local authorities to look me up using various methods readily available. Then, my IP can be easily traced through my EASILY identifiable ADSL line. Before my IP is out on the web and passing through a ghost server it is tracked and traced and the data easily obtainable.'s about being "red flagged" in the first place. If you are a "nobody" then perhaps the ghosted IP will work and you will gain a great deal of anonimity. As long as you are not stupid enough to put details up that can identify your region :-( .

However...they will have thought of this. I can be pinged and before you say software firewall i say...Zone Alarm - bought out by Israeli company. Same one who bought out German company gathering data of finacial transactions off WTC hard drives.

They dont miss a trick.

If the biggies REALLY want to collect and collate naughty little Anti-Globalists IP's...they will and can do it.

I dont doubt it. As long as their is an exchange or central can be traced in the end. Use a internet cafe for complete assurence about anonimity.

Or...stop talking whacky conspiracy! Everythings fine.

P.S They built the infrastructure and have made it so you cannot be anonamous.

P.P.S However, i will concede...those ghost servers dont help them. Assuming the company is not based in Langley Virginia.
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