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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

I agree with all you wrote, above, at the start of this thread, freeman.

As a woman, I find the reality and presence of porn, soft porn in advertising, and all the other stuff pushed through the Internet and the media, hurtful, upsetting and annoying, at best. I think it is one of the main things being used by these anti-family/anti-men/anti-women think-tanks to ruin men, ruin women and ruin the family.

I can't count how many times I have heard women call up on call-radio counseling, talking about their men who have strayed, coming on the line mentioning porn addiction as a thing that is part of their Husband's daily “diet”.

This is a brutalization of both men and women, by taking sex out of its God ordained context, between one man and one woman, for life, in the context of a permanent sacred union under God, this only being marriage.

This, marriage as God intended, the Feminists will rave on, is "anti-women" as an institution. They will use fear (fear of divorce, abandonment, other things), to keep the women in a perpetually semi-independent, semi-trusting, semi-attached state, never needing her Husband. Or they imply this as not “good”... to need “a man”. This is not to say the women should not have incomes, but my point is, looking at other women this way, mainly via pornography,
sets up a spiritual paradigm in the mind of the man. This is poison and simply a weakening of his flesh, making a hardening of his spirit, introducing callousness in his heart, and often, thus, a severing between him and his Wife or bride-to-be.

First, he is finding dissatisfaction with his Wife or Wife to be, or he probably will, if he is swayed by this stuff. The whole agenda is set to, and I mean this delicately, grab men's souls by their loins, so as to emasculate their power and their integrity, which are deeply linked. Shame the man, “neuter” his integrity, they feel you “neuter” his power. Some of his greatest power in his integrity, holiness (wholeness) and fidelity to God and his Wife.
“He who loves his Wife loves himself”Ephesians 5:28

Why do we think sports starts are very vigilant with their intimate lives before competition?

I think the same ones who made all this mess, Satan at its core no doubt in my mind, cannot STAND the very image of God made in man and woman and the procreative beauty that occurs in their faithful loving unity. This is the very Shekinah glory of God that happens when a man and woman become One flesh, under God, in holy matrimony.

This union of man and wife makes a picture, as the very image of God. It is the strength and healing and edification of the man and life for him. It is the healing, protection, love and provision for the woman and she needs this. I know as a woman, and a Christian woman who is not duped by so much Darwin talk, and even if I was, I do need this.

It is hard to put all these concepts out there and share my thoughts in a word. I feel very strongly on all this though and passionately, because I see how Satan is looking to use secular media: MTV, Television, magazine glosses and the Internet (porn) to catch young, and older men, hold them its snare, and make them feel bewildered, jaded, empty and valueless.

It is a whole scene and scenario, and the dynamic touches everything from abortion, to birth-control (I mean Nazi doctors looking to control women’s thoughts and ideas about procreation etc., their "rights". etc.etc.)

Their hand though is in the sticky-wicket of looking to remove the glory of the Creator from:

1. Man (hence how men see themselves, "animals"? apes? Not really. Women, valueless except for appearances? No, not truly..)

2. Male and female dynamics, roles and relationships.

3. Courtship, dating, and now, marriage, and all that that entails.

4. Love, sex and sexuality and fidelity.

5. The family and the family dynamic with in-laws and others but mainly how they are or are not with each other, themselves, their children if they have them.

Look to the Shekinah glory of God made manifest in the union of man and woman at marriage, this again, the very reproduction or a similar image of God, His image in every man and woman. And their unity His highest gift and sharing.

Now look and see who and what sought and seek to devalue this and these, and you have your answers, which I think you already know.

These folks are for no one, not really.
Not for men, or women or children, clearly.

But TV/media has tried to indoctrinate us all by way of their undressing images before our eyes, daily. I assure you guarding your heart here and on others is a part of your Godly “resistance”. They are banking on pride, unforgiveness, self-pity & self-focus/selfishness, lusts and materialism to be things used to break families up, communication down, and a thing to make walls.

All the while their fake "sex", through glossy photos, can be the imagined drug of choice for a pained and spiritually disconnected lot of men out there. These poor guys who have seen these dark systems severe the sacred unity and purity that is really at the heart of all health and welfare for them, join in self-undoing in this, surely. For those who know better, God's plan is the only health and plan, for men, their future and surely their families.

I have more to say on this, it can be so hard to say what you really want to here, with time constraints and all.

Like all of Satan's "creations", (though he has created nothing and is the thing of dark vacuums only), he is all about stealing the wholesomeness, the beauty, the holiness (wholeness) and the unity, and, of course, the truth, the faithfulness, the love. If moral relativism ( 'there are no "right" and no "wrongs") and incrimentalism can have enough kids from "broken" homes fed on secular ideologies, weaned On MTV, etc. they will never know right from wrong or how to treat anyone, including themselves.

For the gays, I think, sadly for them, unless some come to find out, it is even more of a kind of suicide also.

The cure for all of this lies in the individuals and families looking to do things God's way, for themselves first.

Bring up a child the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

I feel very hurt and grieved for men and woman out there who have been hurt by this system, and we all have I am sure, in one way or another.

As a woman and a Wife, I am pained to see this, if not simply, as a human being.

P.S. PLEASE don't make the fatal-error of going online and doing a search of "Shekina" using new-age forums. There you will get lots of untrue misinformation coming out of pagan ("new"-age) Talmud-based sources. These are NOT the true Shekina of God, which is simply HIS glory. These other ones seek to "deify" women and make "girl-power" and their similar Feminist spawns a thing as focus and a thing as valued.

It amounts to nothing from the perspective of the Bible, except as any of the resulting pains or dissatisfcations, resulting in looking to see "self" as "god", small g. It is pride and meaningless..As true love, on the part of a woman, will NEVER be about manipulations by use or misuse of any God-given "power" to her..Misuse of these powers and corrupting of them at the very core of the new-age and Pro-Feminist new-age ideologies, all anti men, ant-woman and anti-God and family, at heart. And of course, aptly named, anti-Christ..

The TRUE Shekina study you do will be about purity and hoiless, God's way and the true Word of God and His glory, no creature's, nor specialness to either sex, in rference to pride, unholiness, or misuse of "powers"..

Please make the distinction, if you study about this. I will try to provide some links on what I have written.

This one seems good too:
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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