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Default Re: Synchronicities In Films

I just found this info on 1983 tv movie called "the day after"

I have just watched the old movie The Day After
And some things I wanted to do is see if any hints from the Illuminated Masonic Satanists was left on this movie, and some was there, the number 11 was used a lot, which surprised me at first, being it was 1983, and they were not as bold back then as they are now..

More importantly, the movie was first shown in 1983 (8+3=11) the hospital where survivors were was 38 miles from Kansas City which took a direct Nuclear strike, (3+8=11) also notice 38 was a backwards 83.

Illuminists love the number 11, and all multiples of it, 13 also.

Before the first strike, a girl has a shirt with the number 83 on it, there are to many cases of 11 for this to be my coincidence.

Now this movie was shown in 11-20-83, but the movie declared that on 9-16-1983 the first strike hit, and I noticed they showed a full moon the day after which would have been 9-17-1983.

Now I checked the Calendar and we have 22 years from that date:

ps The movie starts with an EMP attack over Kansas. For them to effectively make use of an EMP weapon, exploding one over Central Kansas makes sense, Kansas is the center of America, also there is a road in Kansas called 666.
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